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The Great Banana Race

The Great Banana Race
Adam Pryce

Tiger and Cockatoo are best friends, and they love to play games and compete with one another. After hearing about a huge bunch of delicious bananas growing in a tree next to the waterfall, the two friends decide to have a race – first one to the bananas gets to keep them all! As Cockatoo takes to the skies and Tiger dashes through the forest, the pair capture the attention of their animal friends, who like them, are completely BANANAS for bananas! The two racers are joined by a colourful crowd of monkeys, crocodiles, bats, elephants, snakes and frogs; all excited to reach the illusive bunch of bananas. However, when almost the whole jungle finally arrives at the waterfall the bunch of bananas are nowhere to be found, only a very full and very sleepy sloth!

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