What's the story?

They used to tell us not to “tell tales”, to stop “making up stories”.
Well, thankfully, our passionate team of rebelling, storytelling mavericks buck this trend every day.

Our talented designers, editors and illustrators are joyfully releasing around 30 new books a month into the wild. These books are being read by all ages, in all genres, as we relish the opportunity to tell great tales and make up wonderful stories.

Collaborate define brand identities through developing interesting narratives and personalities. The art of storytelling gives us the ability to create incredible storyboards for movies and animations. Our content generation is honest, imaginative and engaging. The content we generate for your books, for your brands and for your learning and development programmes will be rich in detail and thoughtfully crafted. Our creatives are skilled across all creative disciplines and we can develop your stories through to packaged files in both print and digital formats.

Our illustrators, editors, photographers, designers, web developers and animators are based in our Worthing, London, New York and Marbella studios.

Meet the team

Laura (human)

Resident illustrator, photographer and Korean pop DJ. Laura has a passion for art and geek culture and can often be seen hanging around comic and film conventions.

Favourite book

The Sherlock Holmes books

Querty (robot)

Querty represents the editors and authors we use to write our stories and edit our children’s books. Querty is passionate about language and often works into the small hours to ensure ‘that’ manuscript hits ‘that’ deadline.

Favourite book

Any theasaurus

Adolfo (human)

Adolfo has an incredible knowledge of art history. He loves travelling and has visited most of the top galleries in Europe. He enjoys meeting new friends despite insisting he has social incontinence.

Favourite book

Museum guides and travel books

Dev (robot)

Dev is our metaphoric developer. He represents all the java-loving coders, front-end and back-end developers and UX designers that we use to develop amazing database driven websites for a range of industries.

Favourite book

Amstrad CPC 464 user manual

Caroline (human)

Caroline has been helping artists write their own children’s books for many years now & loves nothing more than seeing one of these books comes to life! She also enjoys and hates golf - depending on the day and the weather! Meditation and learning Spanish are her other hobbies – but not at the same time.

Favourite book

Any LaB book and Life Between Lives by Michael Newton

Ben (human)

Between bouts of board-gaming Ben struts his stuff on the ballroom dance floor, he assures us there is not a sequin in sight. Ben is an amazing illustrator and animator. But he can’t be good a everything - which is why he is persisting with his piano lessons.

Favourite book

The Dispossessed by Ursula LeGuin

Pica (robot)

Our designers are passionate and dedicated to creating the right material for your brand. We often team up with brand consultants and specialists to ensure our designs work hard for your business.

Favourite book

Anything by Josef Müller-Brockmann

Elsa (human)

Designer and illustrator Elsa can play the drums and the guitar. But it’s not all rock and roll, occasionally Elsa swaps her drumsticks for her knitting needles. We’re all looking forward to getting a woolly scarf for our next secret Santa!

Favourite book

The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke

Artie (robot)

Pencils, charcoal, Wacoms - it doesn’t matter what the format, style or genre it is - our artists are more than capable of delivering. With 1000s of books to our name our artists are amongst the published artists in the world.

Favourite book

The Tony Hart Art Factory

Kate (human)

Party-planner Kate is the spearhead of all things social at Collaborate. She is studio-mum / cake-buyer / agony-aunt and most other hyphenated roles, but mostly Kate lands the big projects for us. Her role as mum continues when she gets home to Jack and Lego time begins!

Favourite book

Everything created by Collaborate

Louis le Princess (robot)

Animation, live action, book apps, whatever it may be, if it moves, we move it. Our team of animators can work in most formats. We script write, create the animatics and deliver highly-rendered movies. We like to move it, move it!

Favourite book

The Making of Star Wars by Jonathan W. Rinzler

Lidia (human)

Lidia works out of our Marbella studio creating wonderful illustrations for our European publishers. A self-confessed video game addict, Lidia loves technology and gadgets. She wants to point out that the ‘monkey on her back’ is not a metaphor.

Favourite book

Anything tech based

Lauren (human)

Talented designer by day, amazing singer by night, Lauren loves attending and performing at festivals. Travelling, surfing and long walks also keep her busy. But Lauren’s big passion is evident in the amazing books she designs for our clients.

Favourite book

All of her recent work of course!

David (human)

Music loving, beard growing, design guru Dave. Some might say he belongs in a 1960s commune somewhere out in a desert where he can’t be seen or heard. But we’re lucky that he’s resisted this bohemian, beatnik fantasy and instead creatively directs all things Collaborate.

Favourite book

Ham on Rye by Charlse Bukowski

Kate (human)

Designer, illustrator and travel addict. Kate enjoys cycling on the South downs and has a great appreciation for wildlife. She’s a reluctant but persistent gym goer and we are told she makes a mean pavlova, but we’re yet to find out. The proof will be in the pudding.

Favourite book

The Enormous Crocodile

Brainz (robot)

We have people we can call upon to develop strategies for brand position as well as people who can develop a series of interesting formats for publishers that sit alongside their existing titles. It’s all about knowing the right person for the right job.

Favourite book

My little black book

George (human)

Recent recruit George is another team member who plays the guitar. We’re seriously considering a house band here at Collaborate. Designer and illustrator George also enjoys watching football and playing video games. And probably playing football video games.

Favourite book

The Hobbit

Jenny (human)

The amazing illustrator Jenny is only with us for a short while before she is jetting off to start a new life in San Francisco. However, we thought she made such a great photo - we’d include her until she gets her green card.

Favourite book

Any guide to San Francisco