Naughty but Niche

15th April 2020


Written by David Moxey, Creative Director at Collaborate Agency

We’re doing it for the kids!

I’ve always held the opinion that it is much harder for a design agency to niche in one area of design or to devote yourself to just one industry. But it has always remained a temptation to do both due to the power of that all important USP.

So it fills me with a lot of pride that here at Collaborate we have a genuine USP and that you could almost say we’re niche! Unsurprisingly it comes from the fact that we have concentrated our sales focus to an area that we perform brilliantly in. Moving into 2020 Collaborate is now one of the the leading agencies in the UK generating content solely for younger audiences.

We’ve swapped corporate identities for children’s product branding; annual reports for children’s books and estate agent websites for educational platforms aimed at young adults. Beautifully illustrated unicorns and fluffy bunnies have replaced stock library photographs of business people shaking hands and sitting at computer desks… …it’s been an easy transition to make.

By focussing our creativity to kid’s campaigns, books, games and apps over the past five years, we have been able to research, react and adapt our content to current trends as well as setting future trends across many industries.

At Collaborate the creativity really does come from everywhere; account managers, clients, authors, illustrators and animators all Collaborating, working together to evolve and maximise project briefs. We encourage participation and never let our ego dominate or over power the end result. Some of our best ideas have come directly from the children themselves, so it’s important the we are open to Collaborate at every step of the way.

The process in which we work encourages this creative interaction and our progressive focus enables us to deliver intelligent and engaging content to clients across the globe.

As a testament to our success this year we’ve opened offices in New York, Los Angeles and Singapore. I’m looking forward to the next five years.