Introducing Michelle!

15th June 2022


Michelle was born with a paintbrush in her hand and creativity in her veins. When it became evident that showcasing her artwork on the neighbours’ houses was frowned upon, she decided to take her talent to the children’s book publishing industry. Michelle landed her first job as a “scanner” in 1999, before art was prepared digitally. Over the decades, she remained loyal to refining her skills, learning every avenue of children’s publishing, and working her way up to Creative Manager. Today, she is a successful team leader in synchronizing sales, marketing, production, editorial, and design to build award-winning products and increase productivity. There’s nothing more satisfying than building relationships with her clients and sharing their vision to see a book through from manuscript to final copy. With a proven track record of growth, innovation, and imagination, Michelle is committed to producing outstanding covers and interior content that’s engaging and educational for children.

Michelle resides in Long Island, New York with her two children, who are not so little anymore. Watching them grow and develop into kind and compassionate individuals has been immensely rewarding. They are supportive of their mom’s career and often help her decide which cover design they like best before submitting for client approval. Aside from work and raising kids, Michelle LOVES outdoor activities; kayaking, biking, paddle-boarding, and hiking. As an early bird, most days she will wake up and hit the trails for a hike before starting her day or travel to the mountains whenever she gets the chance.