Club dell’insetto (BUG CLUB)


IT. We were commissioned by Pearson to package their ‘Bug Club Shared’ reading scheme. The aim of the projects was to create 36 high quality picture books across 3 reading levels that could be read out loud to encourage children to enjoy reading for pleasure.
The project had a very short turn around time which is why Pearson came to us to create the series for them. We were able to manage the majority of the project in-house, streamlining the process for them. We were tasked with suggesting, commissioning and managing 30 illustrators across the series, designing, art directing and packaging the 16 page internal layouts and the wrap around covers. We had to work within the contraints of the Bug Club branding, whilst still maintaining a high-end picture book feel.
The resulting series was a highly successful product for Pearson and went on to win the 2020 Teach Primary Awards English category.