Bear's Super Species School Yearbook

Collaborate Agency

Collaborate Agency prides itself on working with the very best illustrators to help bring children’s campaigns to life, every organisation has an important message and background which makes it a stand out brand. Collaborate finds the heart of that and builds upon each project with diversity of style; imaginative storytelling and creative thinking.

We were very lucky to have the opportunity of working with BEAR nibbles and Illustrator Katie Abey on their Loyalty Campaign. Our Sister Company Advocate Art exclusively representing talented Katie Abey collaborated on the creation of “Bear Super Species School Yearbook” A sticker book designed as a loyalty collectible.

BEAR’S fruit based children’s snacks have always been a family favourite amongst our collaborators both as a healthy snack and their fun vibrant advertising campaigns and website . The idea of this collectible was to collect 10 Fruit yoyo barcodes in return for the sticker book. Stickers supplied with the yoyo’s themselves. This was our first Collectible campaign which has lead to many more of this nature.