The Very Naughty Fairy

Amy Zhing

Meet Verity, also known by the other fairies as ‘The Very Naughty Fairy’, not because she’s naughty but because of her favourite saying — ‘That’s very naughty.’

Verity loves to point out when somebody has done something wrong or naughty, but unfortunately it’s usually Verity who has caused the problem in the first place… You see, Verity means truth, and that is exactly what she does, she tells the truth,  ALL the time, and it often gets her into a lot of trouble!

Verity and her friends live in the Magic Kingdom where all of the fairytales co-exist and intertwine. It is the fairies that add all the magic to help good prevail over evil — making sure everyone lives ‘happily ever after!’ It’s a very busy and confusing job with many different familiar stories happening at once.

You have probably heard the story of Snow White and how the Wicked Queen, Snow White’s vain stepmother, tried to kill her because she was jealous of her good looks.  And you probably know that she often asked her magic mirror “Who is the fairest of them all?” But did you ever wonder where the voice of the mirror came from? Or why the mirror told the Wicked Queen that Snow White was the fairest? (Did the mirror not know the havoc it was about to cause?) Well, if you did ever wonder, then you should definitely meet Verity…