Big Brain Book: How It Works and All Its Quirks

Magination Press

Electroencephalograms, polysomnography, somatosensory cortexes and corpus callosums! You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re talking gibberish, but these are all subjects covered in the Big Brain Book, a new collaboration between us and Magination Press.

Neuroscience, like most sciences, has a reputation for being a bit, well… complicated. So how do you introduce children to the world of neurology without confusing or boring them? In the Big Brain Book, readers are welcomed into the Lobe Lab by a host of ‘Dr Brain’s, who take them on a journey around the many functions of the brain via make-and-do activities (build a brain from playdough!), astonishing case studies (such as the schoolboy who stayed awake for 11 days straight!), fascinating facts (did you know some spiders have brains in their legs?), AND lots and lots of ‘notes for your noggin.’ Featuring bright, colourful pages, plenty of illustrations and smart layouts that break everything down into manageable chunks for easily-distracted young brains.