Pfizer Campaign

21st January 2021


Platform DevOps


It’s been a difficult year for Pharma companies. The pressure of the whole world asking you to help find the solution to a global pandemic can’t be easy. So when Pfizer asked us for help, we were more than happy to Collaborate.

Our expertise isn’t in vaccine. But we were able to develop a range of assets that enabled Pfizer to promote their platforms and IT services to thousands of their employees in a dynamic and cohesive way.

With so many platforms offering different services and functionality, the messaging and visual output was becoming inconsistent and varied in it’s approach. Our initial task was to develop an overarching bank of templates and assets to help unify the look and feel of the material. As well as feeling fresh and contemporary, the material needed to compliment current branding and utilise existing graphics.

We delivered a library of templates and assets that allowed for modular implementation across multiple grid structures and page sizes. Delivering templates in all formats, from PowerPoint to After Effects, helps us to reshape content quickly and cohesively, giving the Pfizer more time to save the world.

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