World Book Day 2019

7th March 2019


Today we celebrated World Book Day (and our Senior Designer Lauren’s birthday) with delicious cupcakes and our very first instagram giveaway!

Our day started off with agent Kate taming her dinosaur son Jack after he had slept in his costume all night claiming that Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bed Times! We love this book that is fabulously illustrated by Nikki Dyson and published by Walker. Little Jack really does have Advocate Art blood in his veins!

We have had a fantastic day celebrating those books that inspire our children as well as reminiscing on those that inspired us and nurtured our love for children’s books! World Book Day has dominated the media today as school children dress as their favourite literary characters. Egmont revealed data today showing that only 32% of British children surveyed are read to daily by an adult for pleasure. 100% of Kate’s son Jack’s reception class were dressed in costumes today, and we expect many schools with similar successes, so we hope we have inspired you to spend 10 minutes sharing a story… and not just on instagram! World Book Day is run by the Booksellers Association and is a month-long event from 1st–31st March 2018 reaching over 15,000,000 children. World Book Day gives children and young people from toddler to teen, a £1/€1.50 Book Token and they can either swap their token for a free exclusive World Book Day book or use it to get £1 off a full-price book at their local bookseller, to encourage a lifelong love of reading! As you can see from our Throwback Thursday we are lifelong readers who are fortunate enough to have a career making those books that mould our future readers. Go on, use your voucher and take 10 minutes to share!