Cata Rus

Cata Rus is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Castelar, Argentina. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he began attending art workshops, “Circulo Azul,” at an early age forging his taste for drawing and painting. His main influences as a child were his parents, his grandmother who was a painter, and his uncle who had a printing press. His uncle also collected comics and vinyl records. Cata's taste of art in all its different forms continues to grow.  Cata went on to study at the Argentine School of Comics and the University of Buenos Aires in the faculty of architecture, design, and urbanism. He has exhibited in different places in Buenos Aires and won awards, such as “Best Cartoonist” and “Revelation of the Year." When starting a new illustration, Cata is inspired by watching movies or re-reading comic strips, and he always has music on while he works. While the style and technique of his illustrations are not always the same, Cata usually starts his work with linear pencil. Then scans it and adjusts the grayscale before finally adding color. His work is always finished digitally using Adobe programs. Cata's favorite topics to draw are dinosaurs, monsters, and science fiction scenes.