Lymona Galiano

Lymona is a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Granada. She took her first steps as an illustrator and designer at Collaborate Agency, where she immersed herself fully in the exciting world of children's book illustration. Passionate about vibrant colors and fun shapes, Lymona brings narratives and tales to life with a personal touch. Recently, Lymona ventured into the fascinating field of 3D modeling, creating incredible characters for toy prototypes, animation, and video games; a whirlwind of creativity in action! Today, Lymona lives in Marbella, sharing her home with her cat Maya and her girlfriend, who is a great animator. Together they form the perfect creative team to do funny animations. When not immersed in her art, she finds inspiration in the world of video games, a hobby that fuels her creativity. 🍋✨