Collaborate DAM

10th June 2015


Collaborate is a design agency serving the publishing and corporate sectors. CDAM has been designed and developed from a genuine desire to create a system that met our needs. CDAM is a secure web based filing system developed to store large amounts of data. Perfect for keyword based image libraries, CDAM is an intuitive solution that will allow your library to integrate seamlessly with your existing websites. Accessed through your web browser, CDAM can also sync with offline servers – allowing for external back-ups and full integration with offline image browsers. There are no subscription fees or licensing fees to pay up front. In fact, you can use the CDAM operating system completely free of charge. It’s already been developed and paid for itself – we are simply sharing the success with other creatives. Every business has a different approach to catergorising files and sharing data with clients. CDAM has the flexibility to be tailored to your needs. For more information please email us at: [email protected] Click here to download a PDF about our CDAM system