Amgen Myeloma Storybook

29th March 2020


As part of a wider patient support programme provided by our pharmaceutical client, we recently created a storybook to help adults explain a serious illness to children.

Our experience and understanding of the structure of storytelling enables us to deliver serious content in a soft-learning, educational narrative. Alex and the Bravest Grandpa in the World tells the story of a young boy and his grandpa, who becomes sick and is diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer.

Using bright and engaging illustrations, the book describes how the illness works in a way that is accessible to children, and explains what to expect from a family member going through treatment.

With the insight of patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, people with multiple myeloma and their families, the content was developed to be useful, honest and informative. The end result is a playful yet poignant portrayal of life with multiple myeloma.

There are two versions of this storybook, Alex and the Bravest Grandpa in the World and Alex and the Bravest Dad in the World.

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