How can Collaborate can bring animation and publishing together?

16th September 2021


With people learning and working remotely now more than ever, the industry has seen a vast move towards online digital content. Here at Collaborate we have a growing animation and digital content department, which increasingly sees orders from publishers looking to expand their offerings. Many publishers are now securing exciting animation deals which will see new intellectual property brought to life, making content accessible to even more kids around the world.

Earlier this year, 9 Story Media Group and Karma’s World Entertainment announced it had secured a publishing deal with Scholastic for a new animated series, currently in production at Netflix. Scholastic received global rights to the property across all storybook formats, with the first book being launched in January 2022. The program will include original chapter books, a picture book and a guided journal.

Collaborate are innovators in storytelling and communicating to kids in a youtube and tiktok world and are committed to trying to make content come to life whether in print or digital. Interested in turning your IP into promotional animated material?

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