Collaborate with Aquariums

25th September 2023


You may have heard of us, we are Collaborate, a design agency with great resources at our fingertips. We are able to work on and create everything from bestselling books, astounding animations to compelling campaigns. Clients love working with us because we not only pride ourselves on delivering the best possible solution to a brief, but we also build strong relationships with them across a project. We become an extension of their team, supporting and adapting to their needs and leading to repeat business. We deliver on time, on budget and we always impress with quality.

We’ve built strong relationships with clients worldwide, including Disney, Mattel, Pfizer, Ikea and Ariana Grande, working on some truly exciting campaigns aimed at their younger audiences. The list of publishers who we’ve worked with is equally impressive, and we would love to add you to that list. We are here to work with your team through a series of bespoke solutions.

Just some examples of how we could work together:
1 – We create bespoke publishing material that could be used both as an educational tool and as a further vehicle for your brand values.

2 – We have a strong and clear focus on the gift shop experience, working to create quality activity books, games, puzzles and products.

3 – We create material for bespoke exhibitions – banners, backdrops, signage, digital interactive apps, animated material – everything and anything that could increase footfall and wow visitors.

4 – We work with you on your branding and marketing, engaging with your demographic and building a strong association with your brand.

With so many endless possibilities to explore that cannot be contained in this short introduction, we’d love to set up a short meeting to discuss further how we can work with your team and take things to the next level.