Meet Faith, Creative Project Lead

7th July 2023


Faith Booker is a designer with over 15 years’ publishing experience. Having worked across several key publishers, she has a proven track record in combining strategic thinking, creative ideas and her great eye for detail. Faith is commercially focused and has extensive experience successfully developing award winning own IP projects, including The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize. Faith has a natural aptitude for spotting new talent, current trends and building commercial series branding.

1. What is your title at Collaborate, and how would you describe your role?
I am the Creative Project Leader at Collaborate Agency in the UK. My role sees me project managing, briefing the studio team and liaising with clients to produce high quality, engaging and dynamic children’s books.

2. Where are you located?
I’m located in South East London, an area I know very well as it is where I grew up.

3. What skills are essential to your role at Collaborate?
Working on multiple projects for multiple clients, organisation and flexibility, are key alongside the ability to communicate ideas and present a design vision to clients and the wider team.

4. How long have you been working in children’s books?
Prior to my role at Collaborate, I have worked for several different publishers. Specifically children’s publishing, adult fiction cover design, adult non-fiction celebrity publishing, and art publishing.

5. How collaborative is your role?
Collaborate by name and collaborate by nature – collaboration is integral to my day to day role. Working with a range of illustrators, creatives, and clients – it is essential that we all work together with the same objectives in mind to create market leading titles.