Our Magical Artist, Karen!

18th July 2022


Karen is an outstanding artist, an incredible illustrator and character designer who likes to explore and embrace a life filled with wonder, capturing little moments that inspire her on the way. These moments can turn up in our campaign, as fantastic colourful scenarios full of vibrant characters and amazing plot twists all coming together to bring magical stories to life. You can find Karen in some sunny place around the globe looking for the next adventure that ignites her imagination to create something beautiful.

Born on a sunny afternoon of march in El Salvador. She was a child with a heart full of dreams and a mind filled with wonder. She turned her love for drawing her imaginary friends on the walls into a career. She started her creative path as a graphic designer in creative studios and advertising, where she learned the importance of big ideas and explored ways to express her illustration style in projects for all kinds of clients, from international brands to non-profit organizations. In search of fulfilling her dreams, Karen moved to Spain to study illustration and she immersed herself in the world of children’s book publishing where she could mix her passion for creating magical worlds and fantastic characters with storytelling. Karen’s love for drawing with crayons as a child turned into a true passion for design and illustration. Her mission is to add a little spark of magic to everything that she does and to make the world brighter one drawing at a time.