Rattlin’ Bog Singalong - Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books

As part of an ongoing collaboration with Barefoot Books, we have created five animated videos to be sold alongside corresponding picture books. Featuring musical tracks and subtitles, the videos encourage the reader to sing along as the characters from their books come to life and dance to the tune! Explore the world through yoga moves with Yoga Adventure, learn Spanish with El Doble Des Amigos, have a healthy day with Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, garden with Rooftop Garden, and discover peat bog ecosystems in The Rattlin’ Bog. The videos have racked up thousands of YouTube views, proving very popular with little learners!

A rollicking rendition of a classic Irish folk song is brought to life with charming colourful animations that wiggle and dance in time to the music. Taking cues from the lyrics, the book and accompanying video showcase the wonders of Ireland’s natural ecosystems, specifically peat bogs which are home to birds, insects, trees and more. With explosive detail and colour the animation demonstrates how different life forms coexist in harmony, and have a rattlin’ good time doing so!

“Animating the work of such talented illustrators is always a pleasure and inspires us to bring humour and musicality to the Barefoot Books party!” – Ben Hooley (Collaborate Animator)