First Seasonal Stories - DK


Over the years we’ve created four seasonal story books for DK featuring Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas, each featuring the heartwarming adventures of characters facing adversity at their special time of year. “The Happy Pumpkin” tells the story of a perky Pumpkin who can’t stop smiling at Halloween, meaning he’s the last to be picked from the patch over his more frightening friends. Meanwhile, “The Lonely Otter” can’t find a date on Valentine’s Day, “The Sleepy Bunny” needs to get his bounce back for the Easter egg hunt and “The Grumpy Reindeer” needs to make some friends to help him get Santa’s deliveries out on time! These wholesome tales are enhanced by dynamic type design to make story time engaging, and a quirky, textured illustration style that gives the books a handmade feel making them perfect for seasonal gift-giving.