Jurassic World Crochet - The Bookshop

Thunder Bay Press

Crafting, and crochet in particular, has seen a huge rise in popularity over recent years as apps like TikTok and Instagram give budding textile artists a platform to showcase creative homemade content, spawning trends and inspiring like-minded crafters. When we were approached by The Book Shop to create step-by-step illustrations for a Jurassic World themed crochet book, we called on our resident crochet-obsessed illustrator, who worked with the patterns to create complex illustrations demonstrating the steps required to create a variety of dino friends, from first loop to finishing stitches. This was one project where we were required to bring crochet hooks as well as drawing tools to our desks! Featuring T-Rex, Blue, Dr Alan Grant and many other favourite characters from the franchise, this book can help any crochet enthusiast open the gates to their very own Jurassic Park!