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Kindness Club

Rabbit Says Sorry and Mouse Tells the Truth are part of the ongoing Kindness Club series, in which children learn about the many ways to show kindness and recognise it in others. Featuring charming illustrations with a handmade aesthetic, readers are transported to Rainbow Island Harbour, a whimsical world populated by adorable animal characters who build friendships and work together to help one another. Activities and prompts engage the reader, helping them to develop empathy and mindfulness and earning them a rightful position in the kindness club!

Pick A Pet

A perfect gift for an aspiring young pet owner, Pick a Pet is a joyful and concise guide to choosing the perfect animal companion. Pages are buzzing with colour and detail as the book takes the reader through the many options for pet ownership, from cockapoos to cockatiels, snakes, snails, millipedes and more! It also offers guidance on pet care and responsibility as well as ideas for those who aren’t ready or able to own a real animal, such as pet rocks!

Octopus Energy

We teamed up with DK and Octopus Energy to work on a charming initiative to teach youngsters about the many forms of renewable energy. With smart design to entertain and inform, Octopus’ mascot Constantine takes her friends on a whirlwind adventure to learn all about energy and where it comes from.

I’m not scared of Monsters/ All Because of the Tail/ Caper and Daisy

A young girl isn’t scared of monsters… but if she was, she knows her dad is always there to keep her safe. A mouse is self conscious of his tail, and wishes it was more like a squirrel’s. Two dogs discover a magic ball at the park that gifts them and their dog friends the power of speech.
These are just a few examples of the many exciting concepts that come out of the Collaborate ideas factory. Heartwarming stories are brought to life by a team of talented authors, designers and illustrators, drawing success with a wide range of clients. Check out our website to see a selection of our book ideas awaiting development.