The Chalk Garland

Sally Garland

Emma’s garden had no trees, grass or flowers; only grey, hard, concrete paving and even though she could hear the birds tweet and whistle around her — none of them visited. She tried to make her garden colourful and green by drawing lots of flowers with her chalks; hoping that it would make the birds come in but they did not. A shower of rain then washes her chalk drawings away leaving her garden drab and grey again. However, she catches a glimpse of grass growing between the crack of one of the broken slabs and when her Dad lifts it up for her, she finds an amazing hidden world that she discovers and draws with her chalks.

A simple story about hope and curiosity with a heart warming ending. This book is not only a lovely bedtime story for your child but also an introduction to learning about the Eco-systems on their doorstep, inspiring them to find out more about the natural world around them — even in the most unnatural of places.