The Sketchbook

Julia Seal

A little girl spends all her time drawing, she draws as soon as she wakes up in the morning and until she goes to bed at night.  She loves to draw but cannot help but look at the other children playing together and wishes she could join in. Too shy to ask if she can play with the children the little girl continues to draw; she draws everyone and everything.

One windy day, as the little girl sets off home, a sudden gust of wind blows the sketchbook from her arms and out fly all of her beautiful drawings. Her sketches are all over the place and she fears that they will be lost. People are staring, embarrassed the little girl starts to run home but learns that the people aren’t staring at her but at her artwork – and they like it! Everyone helps to return her sketches. One of the children from the harbour asks to swap her sketchbook with his net for the day and the little girl spends the rest of the day playing with her new friends.

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