Looking for a Gull Friend

Patrick Brooks

The story follows a lonely seagull that has never seen another bird like him. He approaches different birds looking for a companion; however they all want someone different. A songbird asks Gull to sing – he can’t. A magpie asks him if he owns anything valuable – he doesn’t. He crashes a cockatiels bike trying to impress her and fails a test of knowledge given by an owl.  A rainbow lorikeet asks him to improve his looks, but he gets ridiculed when he paints his feathers. Alone and defeated, Gull falls asleep on a fishing boat. In the morning, he is awoken by dozens of seagulls. At last he finds he’s good at something another bird is looking for in a companion – stealing fish from the net, and has finally found his gull friend.

  •  Gentle story about finding your place in the world.
  •  Gorgeous illustrations by a popular artist.