The Rainbow Thief

Phil Allcock and Katie Saunders

Michael and Nicky MacNicholls are in their aunt’s garden when a stunning rainbow appears. But Curdlegrunt the Great, a member of the Crotchety Old Wizards, casts a spell and all of its colours disappear.

In desperation, Michael and Nicky summon their bumbling wizard friend, Happ-hazzard, to find the colours. But Curdlegrunt traps them all in ‘The Land Where Anything Can Happen – And Probably Will!’

They face flying elephants that squirt fire; giant slugs; exploding tomatoes; and much more. And they have to solve a series of riddles set by Curdlegrunt – each of which plunges them into new and deadly dangers.

Will Nicky & Michael be able to solve the riddles? Can they save the colours of the rainbow? Or will the rainbow disappear from the earth forever?

Illustrated by Katie Saunders and written by Phil Allcock. See more by this author on the Caroline Wakeman Literary Agency website.