Branding and Website for Yeon Agency

Collaborate Agency

We have teamed up with an Asian based agency Yeon whom challenged us to create a brand and website which communicated their core services and partner agencies to their asian markets. A logo and brand with connection at the core and a website that tantalized and summarized their core services to those creatives whom aspire to western styles.

Yeon works with a multitude of companies throughout Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan to name a few, and are based in Singapore, so they wanted a website that was able to support multi lingual content.  The style of site had to communicate to publishers, fashion and product manufacturers and creative agencies. Supporting content from five leading partner websites, but also illustrating the services which our beautifully animated illustrations demonstrates.

If you are interested in updating your brand, or communicating to a new clientele, or just looking to give your website a facelift contact us at [email protected]