Cool Milk

Collaborate Agency

Cool Milk manage the supply of free milk to children under 5 in over 8,000 schools in the UK, so when they came to Kate Johnson Collaborate agent seeking an illustrator full of vibrancy and action to promote the continuation of Milk after 5 she jumped at the chance of Collaborating.  With the help of renowned author Caryl Hart and illustrator Sarah Horne, we set about create a story book to teach reception age children where their milk comes from and showing the health advantages of drinking milk with the campaign based around the “Cool Milk Show” creating a cast of Milk Heroes and storytelling through the children’s book brought the brand to life, and set about encouraging children over 5 to continue with their product when their free school/local authority milk ended. A cool campaign for a very cool brand, making healthy choices Fun and actioned packed was certainly a fantastic angle that resonated in the eyes of the average 5 year old.