3 Engaging Titles for KiwiCo


We’re thrilled to share that our wonderful clients at KiwiCo, the brand known for bringing fun, enriching play to children of all ages, have launched their KiwiCo Press line of books at their e-storefront. It was our absolute pleasure to collaborate on titles such as Camilla’s Colours, What Do You Eat? and Super Insects. Our hugely talented designers and illustrators worked together to create titles we know children will adore!

Until now, KiwiCo Press books were exclusively available through their Deluxe subscription offering. But for the first time, KiwiCo Press will be making their collection of proprietary titles—only found at KiwiCo!—more accessible for parents, caretakers, and beyond to help foster a love of reading among children of all ages. 

KiwiCo Press supports learning and development with a diverse set of stories and characters that help readers (and listeners) better understand the world around them. Formatted as kid-friendly, accessible content ranging from social-emotional development to varying non-fiction interests, the KiwiCo Press collection was designed to ignite a passion for reading and exploring our world. Our team had a wonderful time working on these engaging titles.