I'm Not Scared of Monsters!

Mike Byrne

A little girl wanders past the lair of a monster. ‘She’ll be easy to scare’ he says. The Monster jumps out and shouts ‘Boo’. The girl turns to the monster and says, ‘Oh, hello, what are you?’ The monster replies that he is a ‘Taskitee’, and that she ought to be scared of him. But the girl says ‘I’m not scared of monsters; there’s only one thing that scares me, its nothing like you, its all covered in hair.’ The confused monster then says, ‘Hang on a second, I know just who you mean.’

He brings one monster after another out to try and scare the girl, but none of them do. Each time she adds another feature to the description of the only thing that scares her. ‘I’m just not scared of monsters, don’t you see?’

But then the little girl spots a spider on the ground. She screams and shouts – ‘Look out! There it is!’ All of the monsters scream and hide behind the little girl, and ask her what they should do. The little girl replies, ‘There is only one thing for it,’ takes a big breath and screams, ‘DADDY.’

Her Dad sighs when he sees what she is pointing at. ‘It is only a spider, you are so easily scared!’ He ignores the line
of monsters standing behind his daughter.

The pair is then walks off in to the distance – much to the dismay/confusion of the crowd of monsters.