TCC - Netflix Project


Our client, TCC, are the experts when it comes to understanding shopper engagement and loyalty programmes. They have over 120 retail partners spread over 60 countries and are digitally engaged with over 12 million shoppers. You could say when it comes to loyalty programmes – they are the experts!

So we were delighted when they engaged our illustrators to help create a range of character designs based on Netflix’s top series of the last few years, including: Squid Games, Money Heist, The Queen’s Gambit, Sex Education and Stranger Things.

When released, the images will potentially be used to create figurines, sticker albums and other desirable and collectible products and distributed as part of a wider loyalty campaign for supermarkets around the world.

Our artist focused on bringing as much of the character’s personality through the art while keeping a consistent approach to proportions, features and colours, so that as a series of collectables, the range felt cohesive, strong and most importantly – desirable.