World Book Day 2024

World Book Day

Collaborate is responsible for helping to create two fantastic books for World Book Day 2024! From gross and ghastly humans to monsters and dinosaurs, these projects demonstrate the diversity and quality of our design and illustration services.
Gross and Ghastly Humans and Animals (DK)
Gross and Ghastly, by Kev Payne, is a celebration of the human body in all its disgusting glory! For science enthusiasts, aspiring doctors and those who just love a good ick, this book is packed with gruesome facts about the human body and its more unpleasant functions.
Dinosaur Club – On The Trail of a T. Rex (DK)
A special edition of the thrilling dinosaur club series, this book sees two members of the dinosaur club find themselves back in time and come face to face with one of the fiercest dinosaurs ever known – the T. rex! Featuring lively and charismatic illustrations from popular artist Louise Forshaw, it’s just the thing for fans of history and adventure!