Moose Versus Goose

Patrick Brooks

Goose and Moose are fierce rivals who compete at school and everything else. They live on two opposite cliffs across the sea from one another and after school they shout insults from their back doors. Each of them always wants to outdo the other, whether it means winning at a race, or eating the most sweets from the shop – even if it makes them sick. Their parents beg for them to make amends, but neither Goose nor Moose will. Goose moves out in a huff and builds his own house on his side of the cliff; Moose sees this and does the same. With each rival wanting to build the tallest house, neither sees the danger and both houses tilt and topple over into the sea. Stranded on the beach, Goose and Moose find that they must put aside their differences and work together to get back home. When they do reach the cliff top, Goose and Moose discover that though their parents could have helped them out, they wanted their children to see what they could accomplish when they worked together, instead of against each other. With their rivalry behind them, Goose and Moose rebuild one another’s houses and become best friends.