Mr Fedora

Sally Garland

Mr Fedora was perfectly happy being perfectly ordinary and doing only one important thing a day. In fact if you lived in the same street you probably would not even notice him. He is just a part of the usual things you may see in any neighbourhood.

Every morning he would set off on his daily walk to the park, wearing his customary old hat, following the same route, never changing, never late; passing the same places and people at exactly the same time each day.

When one day something very extraordinary and strange happens it makes Mr Fedora late for the one important thing he does each day. Find out what made Mr Fedora late, how it effected the people and places he passes each day and what is the important thing he needs to do.

A story about ordinary, everyday lives, how the smallest things can effect the people around us and the importance of even something as simple as a ‘tip of a hat in an old fashioned way’.