Rebrand and Image Library

Advocate Art

What began as a straight forward brand appraisal very rapidly progressed into a complete overhaul of Advocate Art’s existing online and offline working practices.Both Advocate’s client facing and internal asset management systems were assessed by Collaborate before the decision was made to install a new DAM system and rebrand the company. With a simple tweak, we were able to update the existing logo, ensuring Advocate Art remains fresh and relevant to the publishing and licensing markets.

Collaborate not only understood the need for us to rebrand as a business, but they also ellaborated on our positioning in the market, identified areas where we could lead the field and installed the perfect tools to enable us to expand and adapt.
Ed Burns, MD, Advocate-Art

Our online DAM system offers a familiar search landscape aligned with Google images, helping their images to be found on organic keyword searches. This is leading edge technology that will drive image searches in the years to come and eleviates the need for expansive marketing.

The back end of the system is cloud based so does not require special software, have to be compatible with a platform or have any of your own systems driving it. You don’t even have to back up your image bank, our system handles all of that as well.

By being code driven, the system can be tailored and adjusted very easily to the clients exact specifications. You can sync libraries with workflow systems and archiving to your in-house servers if required.

In Advocate’s case, we also developed a function to allow image collections to be viewed online in unique URL pages. Their agents can quickly gather samples relevant to a customer and simply send a link to view as many or as few images as the client requires.