Scaredy Ghost

Spike Maguire

There once was a little ghost who was very scared of everything. Especially people. He didn’t like the way they screamed all the time.

This is the story of how a young boy went camping one night in the woods, where the little ghost lived. And how the boy and the ghost made friends after the spooky camp fire stories drew the terrified ghost out of the dark woods and towards the warm light of the fire.

‘You’re not scary at all!’ said the ghost to the boy.

‘Me?’, he replied, ‘why on earth should I be scary? You’re the scary one!’

The ghost recounted all of his frightening experiences with people in the wood, all the while holding back his tears.

‘No,’ said the boy, ‘you have it all wrong! People are not scary! Tomorrow I shall introduce you to the least scary person I know, and you can see for yourself.’

The next day the boy took the little ghost into the town to meet his sister. He was eager for the ghost to realise that people weren’t scary. But the piercing scream of the little girl was so ear-shattering that the ghost fled straight back to the woods, and vowed never to come out again.

The boy could not forget the little Scaredy Ghost though, and every week he and his friends would visit the ghost in the woods and tell stories around the camp fire. Although, having learnt their lesson, they only ever told stories with happy endings!

  • A fun introduction to one of today’s key issues, perfect for inspiring.
  • Vibrant and colourful illustrations.