The Very Cheeky Tiger

Jake Souva

Charlie the cheeky Tiger knew just how to get away with all the mischief he pleased. When his Mommy said, “Don’t run,” he’d skip, and when his Mommy said, “Don’t skip,” he’d jump!

In this story Charlie learns that sometimes rules are there for a reason, and help to stop you from getting hurt…

One morning, his Mommy decided to take Charlie swimming. When he woke up, she said, “Don’t jump on the bed,” and came back to find him doing handstands on it instead! “You said I couldn’t jump,” he said.

Then, she ordered, “Don’t run down the stairs,” and came back to see him sliding down the bannister! “You said I couldn’t run,” he said.

In the garden, she said, “Don’t climb over the gate,” and came back to find him crawling under it instead! “You said I couldn’t climb,” he said.

By the time they got to the swimming pool, Charlie’s Mommy was exhausted. She thought for a moment, then said, “Now, Charlie, you absolutely must not run or skip or leap or jump or dance by the pool.” The little Tiger was very quiet. “Okay Mommy,” he said, but she came back to find him hopping instead! Charlie hopped, hopped, hopped, and then… WHOOOSH. He slid right into the water! ‘Wahhh!’ He cried out in fear. Thank goodness he was wearing his armbands.

On the way home after swimming, Charlie walked alongside his Mommy very quietly; he felt very foolish for falling into the pool and it had scared him a lot.

She said, “Now, Charlie, don’t roll down the hill…”

  • A fun story that teaches how some rules are there for a reason.
  • Adorable lead character, who kids will want to be friends with.