Janssen’s World Inflammatory Bowel (IBD) Day Campaign

4th June 2021


Famous Spanish artist, Belin, starred in a live action tv ad, painting a beautiful mural underlining a sensitive and important cause.

Spanish Account Manager, Adolfo Sánchez Flores was recently contacted by Grow Comunicación, a leading Madrid-based advertising agency which specializes in medical/pharmaceutical clients. They were interested in hiring a mural artist from our sister agency Artistique. We suggested a few artists from our roster, but none of them met the campaign client’s (Janssen-Cilag) compulsory requirements, that they be both Spanish and have a large social media following.

We offered Grow a solution for their client, offering them our art consultancy services. We found a great selection of Spanish mural artists with large social media followings, and eventually the client chose the street artist Belin (who has more than 150k followers around the world!) The campaign is titled “Resilents”, and it aims to highlight the day to day life and struggles of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. It depicts a doctor-patient interview, whilst Belin paints a piece of art inspired by doctor and patient testimonies. You can view the advert here: https://youtu.be/ia7vaqpG-6o.

The campaign was launched on the 19th of May, World Inflammatory Bowel (IBD) Day. It was used to promote new medical advances against this disease to a medical audience, to be used in one-to-one campaigns and medical journals. At present the ad has received 30k Youtube views from medical professionals, the potential customers of the brand.

The advert was filmed in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. Over the course of a day, the artist, patient and doctor worked on an interview and simultaneous artwork creation. On set was a multidisciplinary team of over 50 people (all with a negative Covid-19 PCR test) including sound technicians, art directors, scriptwriters, light technicians, hairdressers, and many more.

It was an experience we are looking forward to repeating and according to our client the campaign was a commercial success.