Fender Wolf

Fender is an illustrator born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Influenced by the imaginary world of fantasy, Fender found his passion for art at a young age. He is inspired by characters such as Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, and Peter Pan. Fender trained as an artist at Laurence University and is also a licensed art teacher. He is recognized for his striking illustrations, particularly highlighted in the collections of Monteiro Lobato and Laura Ingalls. His work is described as vibrant and full of life. Fender’s work reflects a unique blend of traditional and digital techniques. He seeks to capture the essence of classic techniques such as oil, watercolor, and pastels through his digital work. He finds inspiration in renowned artists such as Miro, Salvador Dalí, and Lisa Aisato. Fender is now based in a beautiful coastal city in northeastern Brazil, away from the hustle and bustle of major urban centers. Outside of art, Fender enjoys a variety of hobbies including music, swimming, surfing, diving, and hiking with his adorable dachshunds.