Gus Sanchez

Gus Sanchez is a Mexican American freelance illustrator and visual development artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. His love for art has stemmed from watching his father draw during his childhood. Since then, Gus has made it his lifelong mission to pursue art. His work reflects his love for bold shapes, colors, and whimsical storytelling. Gus graduated from San Jose State University with a BFA in Animation and Illustration. Since then, he has worked with several clients including Possibility Space, Creegs, Inc., and much more. He wears many hats by dabbling in character design, environment art, prop design, and book cover illustrations. He has participated in Lightbox Expo as art exhibitor and has been featured as a guest artist on Procreate's social media.
When he is not drawing, Gus loves to cook, make music, and hike with friends.