Thamires Paredes

Thamires Paredes is a freelance illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2010, she entered fashion college where she discovered her true passion of telling stories through art. Deciding to follow her calling, she chose to leave college and dedicate herself entirely to what she loved most: drawing. Since then, she hasn't stopped; with more than a decade of experience in the illustration market, she has already left her mark on several projects both nationally and internationally. With a vibrant color palette and charismatic characters, each of her illustrations tells a story that transcends linguistic boundaries. Her focus is on book illustration and advertising. She has a special love for the universe of illustration aimed at children and young adults, where she seeks to feed the imagination and inspire young minds by contributing to a more colorful and imaginative world. Outside of the world of illustration, Thamires enjoys her free time immersing herself in books, sharing precious moments with her family, and dedicating herself to her adorable pets.