Virginia Márquez

Virginia Márquez or Vir pomporerá, as she is called because of her art atelier, is an Illustrator and Designer from Northern Argentina. She trained as an Industrial Designer at the National University of Córdoba, but from the beginning of her professional life she devoted herself to the world of graphics and drawing, which has been the great love of her life since childhood. She participated as an illustrator in the textile, interior, everyday products, and audiovisual products design industry. She maintains an innocence and naive humor in the tone of her works with a capacity for versatility in the style and depth of the message, key aspects in the imprint of his work as well as the presence of the play of textures and patterns that runs through many of her visual pieces. Virginia creates colorful, messy, and welcoming worlds with sympathy in her characters and settings. Her inspiration drives from the stories of her childhood, loaded with details to entertain and surprise the reader.