Collaborate rebrand announcement

29th March 2023


Collaborate agency is rebranding with a colorful, playful new look, message, and website! They are Children’s Book Creators – ready to bring your children’s book creations into reality through book design, animation, educational resources, campaigns and illustration. “It was really important that our brand identity evolved – reflecting and celebrating our 10 years in the field of children’s book creation. The impactful full colour logo replacing it’s black and white predecessor, and the infinity sign woven into the word collaborate: to signify the bright, colorful and reciprocal nature of Collaboration,” comments Kate Johnson, Head of New Development.

A bright rainbow of colors, highlighted by bright white space and fresh perspectives, their website holds case studies by the dozens and a clear concept of all they do within the children’s book industry. Last year alone, they created 140 new book ideas, 20 licensed products, published 387 new books, 716 illustrations, 8 new toys and games, and 56 minutes of animation!

Commercial Manager Edward Burns and Creative Business Development Manager David Moxey discuss: why rebrand?
After 10 years of business working across all brands and industries they really have done it all. They have helped brands communicate their message to children in a way that is engaging, nurturing, entertaining, and fuels their imaginations, their aspirations and dreams. In fact, you have likely seen a product, animation – or even already own a book – that Collaborate has designed. Be it a Disney book they redesigned, an educational reader for Cambridge University Press, or a celeb’s book like Ant Middleton’s series!

“Building on the success of becoming one of publishing’s leading book packagers, our rebrand cuts to the heart of what we are good at…creating children’s books. The fresh design of our new branding reflects the vibrant and dynamic way we approach our work,” says David Moxey. “It can take time to really understand what you are good at. Well, the Collaborate team are excellent Children’s Book Creators, that’s why it’s our new strapline,” states Ed Burns.

Their ability to bring great stories to life in any media from the printed page, to digital, animation, and even to live action, often widens their scope of supply way beyond books! Some of these successes include animation for Ariana Grande’s fragrance ad, and the Women’s Equality Party.

If you are in need of an author, illustrator, packager, or designer for your book, they will collaborate with you to make your vision a successful published work. Are you ready to bring your children’s book into the world of television and animation? They can help you achieve that expansion.

Their award winning projects span the globe, and they are ready to collaborate with you.