Collaborating with Award Winning Brands

29th November 2022


Here at Collaborate, we’re all mindful of the climate crisis we face and how important it is to minimise our carbon footprint to save the planet. So we were over the moon when we were able to help out our friends at TCC with their line of eco-friendly collectable toys.
At Collaborate, we are just as comfortable providing copy art as generating original styles in-house and were able to adopt the style TCC had created to provide additional poses for the 24 different trees in the set – along with several backgrounds featuring their natural habitats.
Treelingz Forest Friends are collectable toys made from PBS – a bioplastic with a lower carbon footprint and faster biodegradation than traditional plastics – and recycled fibres. Every figurine corresponds to a different type of tree, teaching children the importance of trees in tackling global warming.