Collaborate’s Top Kids Book Covers of 2021

7th February 2022


Looking back at 2021, we wanted to highlight some of our favourite kids’ books!

We have put together a mood-board for book covers that we feel highlight 2021! Our mood-board features some award-winning titles for design and illustration, capturing the young readers’ attention and giving them a glimpse into the world inside the book.

At Collaborate, we’ve seen a rise in strong female characters showing independence and strength; teaching our young kids that they are able to do what they want to do, and not to doubt themselves based on gender or differences! Other themes include: a strong fantasy realm, hidden kingdoms and forgotten realms with dreamy landscapes or spooky ghosts – all providing a visual escape from reality and an immersive dive into a new and fantastical place! The covers collected here, show a wide range of these themes, often encapsulating these themes, creating a vivid and captivating cover, it’s not just kids that are wanting to read these!

In 2022, we expect to see a lot more of these themes carrying over, with the need for strong female leads and fantasy, continuing along with the additions of nature, resilience, strength and bravery, with our very own, Ant Middleton, Mission Total Resilience. Fairies are also making a come-back, with the recent release of our Verity Fairy Series with CWLA – so dust off those wands and wings and get your fairy dust ready! 2022 is set to be a pretty fantastical year, with some inspiring and truly bewildering themes on the rise, so get ready to dive head-first into some new worlds!

Waterstones have very kindly put together a must-read list of books from 2021, which you can check out here!

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