Meet Chris!

15th February 2022


Collaborate is pleased to introduce you to our newest Agent, Chris! Working in our sunny Brighton Office.

As a child, Chris wanted to be He-Man in the morning and a Doctor in the afternoon; so he could mend all his broken bones from He-Man in the morning. He was also convinced he was going to one day marry She-Ra, but as the Rolling Stones said – “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

With this level of ‘Creative Thinking’, Chris found himself at home working in the Arts. First in the theatre then, in film, where he discovered that working in production behind the camera can be as creative, as in front. He has enjoyed working with advertising agencies and brands on TV Commercials creating high-end social content acting as the conduit between the client and creative, making sure the creative vision is never lost.

When not working you will find Chris either playing cricket or camping with his 6-year-old son, Henry. Nothing really beats being outside in nature with your children. Watching their minds explode with excitement as they discover the beauty of the natural world. Chris is at his happiest when watching Henry, with net in hand, fishing in a rock pool! It’s because of this passion that Chris is looking to work with clients focused on children’s education through the natural world.

Being a big kid at heart means Chris is always drawing out a playful curiously in projects and is keen to collaborate with kids-first brands that wish to combine a blend of fun and education into their products and animations as he fiercely believes that learning through play is greater than a spoon-fed infant of a whiteboard (Do classrooms still have these?)

So whether it’s above, below or even on the line, Chris is here to elevate your next project! get in touch with [email protected]