Taking positive steps to support our friends in Ukraine

8th April 2022


With thousands of families having their lives turned upside down, and many children being displaced and gravely affected by the conflict in Ukraine, we have worked with Learning Resources UK to facilitate the distribution of this truly wonderful book “Express My Feelings Journal”. Its aim, is to help children express their emotions, through guided actions and prompts, encouraging them to connect personally with how they feel. Translating this book into Ukrainian, and distributing it for free, we hope that the lives of the children affected by the conflict can be made a little easier.

We created this book with Hand2Mind, the US counterpart to Learning Resources UK, by illustrating, designing and writing this with a child psychologist; creating a book that dives into how they feel, why they feel this way and provides actions they may want to take when they feel this way. We have released the rights and offered translation services to facilitate the distribution of this book, to help the lives of many Ukrainian children.

Illustrated and designed by our truly talented studio artist, Ed Myer, the illustrations set a positive tone for the book, which helps young minds engage with the tasks and advice provided – and with the glowing reviews on Amazon, we know these have already helped hundreds of children worldwide. We are truly humbled to be able to provide support to those most in need, and be able to do so in a way that will hopefully help them process how they feel, and provide support in a way with long term results.