Maximise Your Content…

26th November 2020


Did you know that November 15th was America’s national Recycling Day? (We didn’t!) With that in mind we’re taking a look at how you can recycle and reuse your content to make it work twice as hard for you! 

Sometimes old content deserves a new life. Perhaps you feel you didn’t get as much as you wanted from a project the first time around, or maybe it did so well that you’d like to rerun it with a new look? We can take artwork and content from old products and revamp them with a fresh design to create something entirely new! Reusing content with new books or products generates more revenue, more exposure and more market presence. What’s not to love?

One way of expanding an existing project is with companion books. In the past we have worked with some very recognisable franchises such as Shopkins, Winnie the Pooh, Lego Batman and The Grinch (to name a few) using libraries of branded assets to create story, sticker or activity books. Making companion books helps to strengthen your brand and pave the way for future titles. A small cast of characters can be reused again and again, becoming a collectable series that children will recognise and enjoy.

Another option is to revamp an existing title with a shiny new makeover. Some of our projects with Hachette such as the Be A Scientist series were redeveloped from older books that needed re-packaging. If you have a book that’s well written with great content but looks a little dated, we can rework it with a fresh design and artwork. You get all the benefits of a new title without the need to commission an author.

Time to take your content to the next level? We have expert animators on hand that can animate existing books ready for book app development or video campaigns. When creating new artwork you can also request that illustrators make the artwork animation-ready to ensure a streamlined process, from pages to screen!

If you plan on re-using content commissioned from Collaborate, let us know! We can provide artwork in a format that allows it to be edited and re-used for future projects. For example, a card game we designed and illustrated called ‘Recollect’ required illustrations at playing card size. Knowing that the client wanted to re-use the art we illustrated it using vector so that it could be blown up to billboard size without losing definition.

Reject single-use concepts! Don’t send your good content to a metaphorical landfill! Get in touch with us to see how Collaborate can help you to make the most out of your existing assets.