Travel across the globe with Collaborate!


Travel across the globe with Collaborate! We love working on projects that celebrate culture and heritage from all around the world. Working with publishers such as Hachette and DK, our atlases and travel guides are packed with facts to boggle the minds of young explorers, encouraging them to appreciate different ways of life as they exist in different parts of the world.

Atlas of the World is a classic kids atlas with a twist, providing young readers both with geographical education and fascinating details about faraway places, from the national dish of Botswana (seswaa) to the flying doctors of the Australian outback! With detailed illustrations from studio artist Amy Zhing, the colourful pages will transport readers to lands near and far.

Little Cities is a series of board book travel guides for small children, perfect for kids visiting a new city or wanting to learn more about their home town. A clean vector based illustrative approach is perfect for conveying the complex details of a major city to very young minds. 

We have many ideas available for purchase including Sticker Atlas, a sticker activity book that follows a ‘sticker by numbers’ system to help children learn their world geography by building maps throughout the book using stickers. This interactive approach is far more effective at helping children to engage with and memorise the maps in comparison to looking at pictures in a traditional atlas. Take a closer look and find out about our other available concepts by visiting