Narcissus and Echo

Alida Massari

Where were flowers born? Where does their perfect geometry come from, plus their perfume and colour? This sad story of a young boy tells us how the origin of a flower was born.

In this book Alida Massari’s beautiful and elegant illustrations help to narrate this unrequited love story between Narcissus and Echo.

Narcissus is a beautiful, but vain, young boy who has never seen his own reflection. His arrogance has developed from the amount of people who fall in love with him. Echo is a wood nymph who has had her words taken away from her by a jealous wife. Echo falls in love with Narcissus, but he rejects her. The Gods decide to punish him by making him fall in love with his own reflection in a lake. But he cannot reach his love without making the water ripple. So he dives in never to be seen again, and in his place is the beautiful flower named Narcissus.

  • Beautiful illustrations by a popular artist.
  • Classic tale retold, possibility for a series.